Welcome! This is a space for me to share and reflect on my journey as  an administrator in an elementary school. I am most passionate about being positive, integrating effective technology for student engagement, and making school FUN without compromising academic success for every student. I believe that relationships matter and that the smartest person in the room IS the room. 

Lead…like a dog?

dog leader

First, please note that this post is 100% based on zero facts. I have no scientific research that would support these claims, except that I taught used to teach science. It should also be noted...I don't like cats. :) There are many leadership styles. While watching my black lab run this weekend, ... [ Read More ]

Success shouldn’t be the goal.


Sarah Lewis, the first keynote at ASCD this year, was simply incredible. She shared many, many stories that resonated with me on failure and why our perspectives needed to shift on this thought. The main one is the thought that there is a difference between success and mastery. She talked of ... [ Read More ]

WWW: Mathmatically inclined? Sure you are!


Wranglers: Watch this TED talk! Talk me through what you were thinking as you watched. Were you amazed? In disbelief? Make you love math even more?? Then, with a partner, work through these problems on the white boards. Get finished? Here are more math games you can do!   Wrangle ... [ Read More ]