Welcome! This is a space for me to share and reflect on my journey as  an administrator in an elementary school. I am most passionate about being positive, integrating effective technology for student engagement, and making school FUN without compromising academic success for every student. I believe that relationships matter and that the smartest person in the room IS the room. 

Advice to the Assistant Admin

I had the privilege of presenting to the new administrators from the great state of Illinois last week. Jessica Johnson and I discussed ways that administrators could use different forms of technology to make their day/professional learning more streamlined and "digital". I had several admin ... [ Read More ]

#IPANewAdmin14: Be a digital leader!

I’m excited to join forces again with Jessica Johnson on July 25 as we spend a day with the new administrators in Illinois for #IPANewAdmin14.  Amber and I will be presenting: Within this full day workshop we will share the power of social media for school communication, social media for personal ... [ Read More ]

the PLN and the principal


I can not imagine doing what I do without my PLN. I know I've discussed the power of a PLN here and here, but in continuing my summer series blogging with some of my favorite people on the planet, I agreed to add my assistant principal perspective to it. This job doesn't come with a manual. Your ... [ Read More ]