Welcome! This is a space for me to share and reflect on my journey as  an administrator in an elementary school. I am most passionate about being positive, integrating effective technology for student engagement, and making school FUN without compromising academic success for every student. I believe that relationships matter and that the smartest person in the room IS the room. 

An #ASCD opportunity!


Flipping PD for educators allows them to do much of their own learning at home, at their own pace, and improves the time spent together in a large group. During the ASCD Educator Effectiveness Institute, Engaged and Inspired: High-Impact Strategies to Motivate and Challenge Each Learner, attendees ... [ Read More ]

We buried a teacher today…


One think after twelve years in education, I would have experienced this before. But I hadn't. I was fortunate enough to have worked with this young lady, (young because 58 just isn't old) for over three years. We had a connection beyond just being her assistant principal, because she and I? Were ... [ Read More ]