Welcome! This is a space for me to share and reflect on my journey as  an administrator in an elementary school. I am most passionate about being positive, integrating effective technology for student engagement, and making school FUN without compromising academic success for every student. I believe that relationships matter and that the smartest person in the room IS the room. 

Using Canva to communicate

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One of the first things I scheduled for August was face to face's with three pretty important groups of people. I used Canva to create invites to each of these "events", which now that I am actually USING it, have decided it may be my new principal best friend. You can create flyers, facebook ... [ Read More ]

Be flexible… #thefirstyear


One of my goals this year is to blog regularly about what is happening, what I'm thinking, what I am learning, and how I am growing. These won't be long posts, but truly intended to help me reflect on where I am and be able to look back and see the growth.   Already I am learning what a ... [ Read More ]

What leadership lessons are you taking away?

credit: Brian Tracy

I have worked under some amazing principals. In my five years as an AP, I worked under three very different, very lauded administrators, in three completely different environments. Looking back now, I am SO thankful for how different they all were, because I know I am even more prepared than your ... [ Read More ]