1. My go to strategy for T.E.A.M. Building is for us to review and teach to others in the building what the concepts of ” The Five Dysfunctions of a T.E.A.M.” and “The Fred Factor” while discovering what each person’s strengths are through the assessment Discovering your strengths and how you implement them while doing good things for kids and adults.

  2. Thanks for this! I don’t know why you were worried about following. While I may incorporate the first sooner, yours is very powerful and needs to be thought about for maximum effectiveness.

  3. Every year on the first teacher day of school and after business was done, we (all staff) would gather in two lines facing each other. As the loud dancing music began, two people would dance, stroll or walk down the middle. I started it my first year as principal of a middle school and they never would let me stop. Although I haven’t been at that school for 13 years, it is still going on to this day!

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