My “to don’t do”list…what’s on yours?

Last week we had a guest speaker, Ryan Leak, at our church who spoke on the need to be real. He talked specifically about Elijah, a noted trash talker, who had no problems calling out those around him, because he knew that God had his back…but that even Elijah had moments where he doubted himself and cried out for support. He then connected that with his own struggles and the need to “hide” how he was really feeling from those who were supposed to care the most about him. It was a powerful message.

One of the things he mentioned specifically that just stuck with me the idea of the “to don’t do” list. I speak a lot about the power of a vision for leaders and how important it is to know what you stand for and what you believe in…the “to don’t do” list is similar in my mind. If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for? Knowing what you won’t do will help keep you in your lane..staying true to what you want to do.

On my “to don’t do” list?

  • Compare my insides with other’s outsides. (Love this quote from @MsMagiera  and her #ISTE17 talk today!) There is more to leadership than what someone puts on twitter. Regardless of the amount of quoteable quotes or amount of twitter followers one has…don’t fall for the notion that it’s easy for everyone else. It is hard, it is messy…for us all. And that’s what makes it so worth it!
  • Walk alone. If you’re walking alone, that’s your choice. Even going into year three, I am so thankful for my colleagues, PLN and peers that I can reach out to for help. It doesn’t do ANYONE (much less your staff/students) any good if you think you know it all. Leadership isn’t a zero sum game…by leveraging the strengths of those around you, everyone wins. Play by yourself, and only everyone loses. 
  • Forget that you can be hungry and be humble. You are where you are for a reason. Don’t ever forget that. That doesn’t mean you can’t strive for more, or to be better. Never stop wanting to grow and learn!
  • Just because you have the right to say something, doesn’t mean you should. Can you be supportive and condescending at the same time? Value the relationship over being right.


What’s on your “to don’t do” list?